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Partner's Groups

Healing from Betrayal Trauma

partner's support group

Thursdays: 9:00-10:30 AM

About the Group:

This group is for women who are in emotional crisis as a result of their partner’s love addiction, sex addiction, or intimacy anorexia.

In this group, group members will:

  • Get support and guidance in a judgement-free environment

  • Learn ways to cope with the effects of betrayal trauma (i.e. uncertainty, distrust, depression, anger, rage, sadness, grief, guilt, confusion, etc).

  • Learn common signs and symptoms of trauma

  • Learn empowering tools to overcome “triggers”

  • Better understand sexual addiction, love addiction, and/or intimacy anorexia

partner's 12-step recovery group

Tuesdays: 6:30-8:00 PM

About the Group:

This is a member led group for partner's of sexual addicts and intimacy anorexics. Members of this group work towards healing from betrayal trauma using the 12-Step Recovery model. This group model was developed Dr. Doug Weiss specifically for partners. 
The program focuses on taking an in-depth accounting of partner's own lives, challenges and accomplishments and also identifying areas for personal growth.


To sign-up: Please Contact our office 


*Note this group is not led by a therapist


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