Matteo Ricci has enjoyed practicing as a licensed clinical counselor for fourteen years. His work within the field of therapy has included multiple treatment settings including inpatient settings and day hospitals, residential addictions programs, adolescent treatment programs, psychiatric and general hospitals, and private practice.

Matteo earned his Bachelor’s degree from Towson University and post graduate degree in clinical counseling from John’s Hopkins University.

Matteo’s client focus includes work with adolescents and adults within Individual, couples, group and family therapy. Much of his work with clients emphasizes the importance of identifying, exploring and modifying thoughts, feelings and patterns of behavior that quite frequently keep them depressed anxious and overwhelmed. Many of his clients have reported and recognized therapeutic benefit within a short period of time.

At Life Change Therapy Now Matteo is able to address acute and chronic anxiety, relationship dysfunction and conflict, mood and affective disorders, addictions and other compulsive behaviors such as OCD and eating disorders as well as anger management and academic/school dysfunction. Our desire for change often fights with our desire to stay the same, it is Matteo’s goal to afford meaningful change in his client’s lives.

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