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Paula Glascoe is a licensed Masters Social Worker who offers individual and family psychotherapy with adults, children, and adolescents facing a wide range of behavioral, social, and emotional challenges. She received her Master of Clinical Social Work from The University of Maryland Baltimore.

One of Paula’s specializations involves working with individuals who have experienced trauma. Whether a client is suffering from the symptoms of trauma (such as flashbacks, fear, nightmares, hypervigilance, etc.) or is struggling to function effectively in some area(s) of their life (such as work, school, relationships, self-care, etc.) as a result of their trauma, Paula’s goal is to provide support, guidance, and tools to help her clients heal. Paula incorporates multiple approaches and techniques to treat trauma including grounding, mindfulness, psychoeducation, trauma timelines, graphic narratives, and Parts Work.

Paula’s also specializes in working with young children and adolescents. Utilizing her past years as a teacher and her vast knowledge of child development, Paula builds strong therapeutic alliances with young children or adolescent clients and their parents. Paula recognizes the tremendous benefits of parent’s involvement in their child’s treatment and of the delicate balance that is needed to build trust with clients and to maintain solid rapport with their parents.

Other common issues or presenting problems treated by Paula include anxiety, ADHD, depression, social skills, interpersonal skills, grief, parenting support, school issues, and trauma. She utilizes several treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and sensory integrated interventions.