Safoura Moraveji is a highly skilled licensed psychotherapist who has been practicing in Maryland and the District of Columbia since 1988.  Safoura's most current work has focused primarily on adults experiencing major life transitions such as divorce, family, career moves, and illness.

After graduating from the University of Maryland in College Park with her master’s degree in social work, Safoura turned her attention toward psychoanalytic psychotherapy and studies in Gestalt-Existential psychotherapy. Her specialized focuses include working with adults who suffer from severe mood and panic disorders, depression, and anxiety.


In addition to her professional experience as a psychotherapist, Safoura is a devout Buddhist nun who practices mindfulness in all of her therapeutic techniques. From storytelling and writing assignments between sessions, photography, and art, Safoura takes a holistic approach to treatment whenever possible.

Safoura blends her practice of spirituality and psychotherapy to provide comprehensive mental health care for pain management, chronic illnesses, and end of life transitions

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