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Anxiety Reduction Group
for Young Adults!

Join our group focused on anxiety reduction for young people.


This group is about empowerment of all people ages 18-25.


Group topics will include stress management techniques, social skills building, advocating for your inner warrior, and self expression just to name a few.

Starting March 7th!

What Are Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety?


Anxiety symptoms may include any of the following, and occur on more days than not:

  • Excessive worry about different events or activities

  • The feelings of worry, fear, or unease interfere with daily activities

  • Difficulty controlling worrisome thoughts

  • Feeling irritable or nervous

  • Being easily fatigued

  • Feeling on edge, wound up, or restless

  • Difficulty concentrating and/or mind going blank

  • Sleep problems such as difficulty falling or staying asleep 

  • Muscle tension, headaches, and/or stomachaches and pain

How Can Group Therapy Help? 

Anxiety can be both mentally and physically draining. People often cope with anxiety by avoiding activities, places, or situations that trigger their anxiety. This often leads to feeling isolated and alone, which only further intensifies symptoms.  This group will not only provide the tools and skills to manage anxiety, but will also provide a safe space to connect with peers facing similar challenges. Click Here to learn more about group therapy.   


Group Details

This group meets every other week.

Starts Date:  March 7, 2023

Days:  Tuesdays

Time:  8p-9p

Location: This group will be held virtually through our HIPAA compliant software. Once registered, you will receive a link for the group meeting. 


To learn more our telehealth services, click here.

About The Group Facilitator 

Shannon Snowman, LCPC

Shannon is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who specializes in working with children and teens. Her background as a school based counselor and experience in treating teens with anxiety disorders has equipped Shannon to develop an effective support group to help teen girls overcome their struggles with anxiety.   To learn more about Shannon, Click Here.  

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