Teleheath Troubleshooting  Guide 

Problem: I am cannot see or hear my therapist or my therapist is unable to see or hear me.

Cause: Browser permissions to use camera and microphone

Solution: If you did not see the pop-up asking for permission to access the camera and microphone, you will want to check your browser settings. 

Google Chrome: 

  1. Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your browser window

  2. Choose Settings

  3. Scroll down and click to show Advanced

  4. Click on Content Settings

  5. Make sure "Ask before Accessing" is listed below and Camera and Microphone and that it does not say BLOCKED


  1. Click the Safari menu option in the top left hand corner of your browser window

  2. Choose Preferences from the dropdown

  3. Choose Websites from the tabs across the top

  4. Choose Camera from the options on the left

  5. Make sure "When visiting other websites:" is set to Allow


  1. Click the Firefox menu option in the top left hand corner of your browser window

  2. Choose Preferences from the dropdown

  3. Choose Privacy  & Security from the left hand menu

  4. Under Permissions, choose Camera > Settings

  5. Confirm that "Block new requests" is not selected

Problem: Message "This Session has Ended" when trying to start or rejoin a session.

Cause: If you try to start or re-join a session and receive a message that the session has ended, this means that the session link has already been used. It is important to remember that each session link is a 'one time use' link. 

Solution: Two Possible Solutions

  1. Make sure that you are using the correct URL link and not one sent to you from a previously scheduled session.

  2. If you are using the correct URL, but you receive this message, you will have to contact the front office in order to have a new URL link sent to you.  

Tip: If you have to leave the session temporarily or want to switch devices, you must use the "Leave Call" button, otherwise you will not be able to rejoin the session.








Problem: There is a Blue Bar Across the Client/Provider's Face and/or You Cannot See the Client/Provider's Full Face

Cause: This issue is tied to the dimensions of your browser window.

Solution: Expanding your screen or being in "Full Screen" will zoom in on your therapist's face. Instead, readjust your browser screen to more of a tall rectangle - the shape of a tablet or phone. But by readjusting your browser window dimensions to resemble more of a tall rectangle, you will see more of your client's face.

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