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We pride ourselves in creating partnerships with local businesses and organizations that provide services or resources that can benefit our clients in achieving their goals. We 

We are always looking to expand our partnerships with local businesses who provide products or services that help our client's fulfill their self-care or treatment goals. To learn more about our professional partnership opportunities, please call or email us. 

Our Newest Partnerships


The Shala offers a range of services including yoga, pilates, reiki, nutrition consultation, acupuncture, and they have a resident masseuse on site! Located just south of Patrick Street and just north of Carroll Creek, the instructors at Ananda Shala are all trained, certified, and insured. Most of their instructors have degrees in or work within the social work, therapy, and other people centered disciplines. They also have a certified Yoga Therapist who is trained to work with the special needs population. More information can be found on their website.


Hydro Massage. Flotation Tanks. Sensory Deprivation Tanks
"Float Frederick is a center for flotation therapy offering 5 private flotation suites and hydro massages".



Polygraph Examiner. Fidelity Testing.

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