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  • Carefirst 

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield 

  • Cigna

  • United Health Care​

Hospital Insurance Card Identification D

*Please note that some of our therapist may be considered out-of-network with the above listed insurances until they have been approved by the insurance company to be an in-network provider. Click here to see a list of our providers and the insurance companies that they are in-network with. 


Payment is due at the time of service. Many healthcare plans leave a percentage of the fee to be covered by the client (co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible).  This amount is to be paid by the client at the time of the visit. Payments can be made in person at our front office, or through the patient portal. 

Payment Methods We Accept:

  • VISA
  • AMEX
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* We do not accept cash


Prior to your initial intake session, we will provide you with a summary of what your of out-of-pocket expenses (i.e. co-pay, co-insurance, deductible) may be for the services that you have requested. Occasionally, the information we receive from insurance companies is not up-to-date or incorrect, therefore it's always best for clients to call their own healthcare plans to confirm what services are covered and what their out-of-pocket expenses will be.

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  • Notify our office right away if you have changes to your healthcare plan or coverage. 

  • If you have a deductible as part of your plan, make sure you know when your plan renews, as this will be the time your deductible will reset. If you have already met your deductible when your plan renews, your will owe a higher out-of-pocket amount.

  • Some healthcare plans do not cover certain mental health services such as family/couples therapy, group therapy, or individual therapy sessions over 45 minutes. If you are an existing client and decide to schedule a different service type than what you were initially scheduled for, first contact your healthcare plan to verify that the service is covered before scheduling. You can also contact our front office and request that we run a verification of benefits on your behalf. 

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Are Telehealth (Virtual) Sessions Covered by Health Insurance?

Some health plans do not cover telehealth sessions for out-patient mental health services. During the Covid-19 pandemic, some insurance plans expanded their telehealth coverage while others issued temporary coverage through waivers. When we verify benefits, we are not typically able to confirm whether telehealth coverage is a normal part of the plan or just temporarily available through a waiver. 

If telehealth is covered, then it is the client's responsibility to call their health plan and find out if their telehealth coverage is temporarily covered through waiver, and, if so, when that waiver will expire.  

If telehealth is not covered or if a waiver expires, the client will be responsible for the full negotiated rate of the session.



If our practice does not accept your insurance, meaning that we do not have a contract with your insurance company, you may be eligible for out-of-network benefits through your healthcare plan.
We do not submit claims for out-of-network benefits, however, at your request, we can provide you with a statement called a superbill, which you can submit to your insurance to seek reimbursement of fees already paid.  If you intend to use your
out-of-network benefits, please inform our front office staff in advance so that they can provide you with a monthly superbill.

*Not all managed care plans offer out-of-network benefits.    

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During the new client intake process, our intake coordinator will verbally inform you of the cost of an initial session and of follow-up sessions. Once scheduled, you will receive an email which will include the full list of our rates for psychotherapy services. 

If you request to be seen by one of our providers who is not yet an in-network provider for an insurance that our practice accepts, then we will inform you of this prior to scheduling you with them. Our intake coordinator will also offer you the option to see another therapist who is in-network with your plan, or to add you the requested therapist's waitlist until he/she is officially an in-network provider. If you choose to proceed with scheduling sessions with an out-of-network therapist, you will be responsible for the private pay rate until that provider becomes an in-network provider with your plan.  

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